Croatia: Financial aspects of implementation of EU projects (Training)

Training: Financial aspects of implementation of EU projects funded within Multi-Beneficiary IPA program | 22 – 23 March 2012


General objectives of TACSO project are to strengthen the overall capacities and accountability of the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) within the IPA beneficiaries and to guarantee the quality of services of CSOs and a sustainable role of the CSOs in the democratic process. In accordance with that, TACSO Croatia Office is organizing two-day training on the following topic: “Financial aspects of implementation projects within Multi-beneficiary IPA program”. Trainers are Dubravka Obad and Albert Jedrejčić, expert team of Konto Obad Company.

Aim of the training:
The training aims to improve financial management skills of the civil society organisations (NGOs, Foundations, and Trade Unions) in implementation of projects within Multi-beneficiary IPA program (IPA multi-beneficiary programs), and to answer frequently asked questions in the field of financial operations during project implementation.

Who can participate in the training?
The training is intended solely for persons responsible for financial operations in civil society organizations (NGOs, Foundations, and Trade Unions) that are currently implementing at least one project funded by the Multi-beneficiary IPA program. Priority in the selection will be given to organisations that are implementing their first projects funded under this program.

Full application form and invitation letter are available here.

Deadline for applications is 15 February 2012.

Effective Networking, Advocacy
A Capacity Building and Technical Assistance Programme for Effective Networking and Advocacy was designed by the TACSO Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Office as a response to the multiple challenges in networks’ work as identified during the implementation of TACSO 2. The programme began in February 2017 and was implemented in partnership with the Resource Centre in BiH, TACSO by VESTA.

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