Self-evaluation, Strategic Planning Session of VIEU

Sremski Karlovci, May 15th 2017

On May 15th 2017, in Sremski Karlovci, representatives of TACSO Serbia Office facilitated Self-evaluation and Strategic Planning Session of Vojvodina’s Initiative for the EU (VIEU). VIEU is a network of over 30 CSOs from Vojvodina aimed at strengthening participatory democracy at regional level by empowering civil society in AP Vojvodina to actively take part in Serbia’s EU accession negotiation process.

Representatives of seven leading organizations of the VIEU attended the session to reassess the socio-political environment in which the VIEU operates, and evaluate the quality of outputs, and impact of the activities implemented in the past year. The VIEU representatives agreed on a new set of priorities for enhancing communication with citizens, interest group and government bodies at regional level, and for establishing cooperation with corresponding networks in Serbia and neighboring countries.

The participants concluded that they should improve their expertise in the areas of selected negotiating chapters, and more effectively articulate the interest of citizens within the negotiation process.
Access to Education for Roma
The Study Visit, Access to Education and Employment for Roma Youth - Good Practices and Models from Spain was organised from May 9-11 in Madrid, Spain within the framework of the People to People component of the TACSO Project. The Visit focused on the model by the Fundacion Secretariado Gitano (FSG) over the past 35 years, including educational and employment programmes as well as awareness-raising and anti-discrimination work.

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