227368 Aarhus convention

Project leader:


Objectives of the action:
The overall objective of the proposed Action is improvement and promotion of access to justice, as well transparency and public participation, in the area of environmental matters in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, strengthening of role of CSOs and development of sustainable partnership and network between Western Balkan and EU environmental organizations and organizations working in the field of transparency and democratization regarding the monitoring and improvement of enforcement of obligations arising from the Aarhus Convention in the Adriatic Region Countries.

Specific objectives:

  1. Development of the information and cooperation network of civil society environmental organizations and organizations working in the field of transparency and democratization on Aarhus Convention implementation in Adriatic region;
  2. Improvement of implementation of Aarhus Convention standards at national courts of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and improvement of conditions for its future implementation in Montenegro by building capacities of lawyers, judges and journalists, transferring knowledge and practice of the European Court of Justice and the European Court for Human Rights;
  3. Raising awareness on Aarhus Convention, good practice and legal measures among stakeholders in Adriatic region and improving knowledge of the public on legal rights arising from the Aarhus Convention;
  4. Capacity building of CSOs from Adriatic region by transfer of knowledge, experiences and practices in implementing the Aarhus Convention in the EU.

Duration of the action:

  • 20 months

Project link:

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