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Project leader:


Objectives of the action:
To provide training and assistance to the social partners in the current and future candidate states about the “acquis communautaire” especially on the legislation on Occupational Health & Safety (OHS); to facilitate their involvement through common initiatives and activities and a permanent dialogue, through the development and the management of training programs; to create conditions for sustainable partnerships and between organizations representing the employers and the employees to implement the OHS legislation and practices but also other social affairs issues (collective agreements, training, …)  

Specific objectives: 

  • prepare materials (in 7 languages) with information on the EU OHS legislation & on best practices/examples; 
  • identify the needs and resources (of the social partners in the woodworking-furniture supply chain) for the gradual compliance with the OHS legislation;
  • implement information & training activities on the OHS legislation and related good –practices;
  • assist the social partners in the establishment of an OSH service for their own members in their respective offices;
  • encourage the social partners to communicate with the national authorities on OHS;
  • accelerate the integration of the social partners in the European structures

Duration of the action:

  • 18 months

Project link:

Project Web site

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