Technical Assistance for
Civil Society Organisations

IPA 128286

Instrument of Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) Call 128286

The fight against corruption, organised crime and trafficking remains one of the most urgent and complex issues with broad implications for stability, democratisation and/or the rule of law in the region. It requires a joint and multidisciplinary approach and a coalition involving different groups of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), social authorities, law enforcement and migration authorities.

The main objective of this call and the selected projects is to promote the contribution of CSOs to bring about change in existing regional mechanisms and to advocate the alignment of legislation and enforcement of laws with the EU acquis communautaire. This call includes nine projects.

List of projects

224829 Corruption interruption
226069 Turn on the light
225191 Human trafficking victims
225139 Anti-trafficking in humans
225131 Anti-trafficking networks
225116 Balkan anti-corruption
225102 Monitoring anti-corruption
225087 Fighting human trafficking
225046 Responsible youth entrepreneurs