Technical Assistance for
Civil Society Organisations

Communication with partners/ stakeholders and beneficiaries

Civil society organisations are often seen as facilitators of change in the community. This has to do mainly with their direct contact with citizens and their ability to understand the needs of regular citizens much more than state systems or political parties. So it would not be a surprise to conclude that CSOs are often seen as bridges in our communities or channels of communication that also have another purpose. That purpose is to create a forum for problem solving so we can also see CSOs as moving bridges. Can civil society organisations function or exist without ties to their communities? This is a legitimate question because the majority of activists believe that civil society organisations rely on their communities to give their work legitimacy and purpose.

Together with the representatives of the CSOs from the region, TACSO has devoted efforts to put emphasis on the importance of community building and communication. The regional conference, Regional Conference: Community Building and CSOs’ Communication, was organised in Sarajevo (November 2015).

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The main product of this event was the Almanac, Community Building and CSOs’ Communication. The almanac includes input from the conference working groups on different topic areas that are important for community relations’ development as well as best practices.

DownloadAlmanac: Community Building and CSOs’ Communication