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Civil Society Organisations

Development of communication strategy

Through TACSO’s work and based on feedback, it has been noted that many CSOs struggle with setting a strategy in the communication area of their work. With the intent to simplify the process to the greatest extent possible, TACSO has created the Guidelines on Developing a Communication Strategy. These guidelines contain more detailed information about the process of strategy creation, definition of goals, setting of deadlines and evaluation.

Drawing up a communication strategy is an art not a science and there are many different ways to approach the task. Opportunities for making an impact and having an organisation’s voice heard may arise unexpectedly. Thus, it is important to have a strategy in place so that one can increase the chances of such opportunities occurring and can take advantage of them when they do.

This step-by-step guide should be used as a reference. The template provided at the end will assist in actualising an organisations’ communication strategy. 

Regardless of whether the strategy is being developed for a certain period, for the same time period as an organisational strategy or for a specific project, it should contain the following:

  1. Purpose statement;
  2. Situation analysis;
  3. Objectives and communication goals;
  4. Audiences;
  5. Messages;
  6. Tools and activities;
  7. Resources;
  8. Timescales;
  9. Evaluation.

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