Technical Assistance for
Civil Society Organisations

Organisational Development

Objective is to contribute to organisational development of CSOs and networks by supporting them in developing new skills, knowledge and attitudes needed for their organisational development, by promoting networking and partnerships among CSOs, and by supplying information needed for financial sustainability or by responding to their urgent operational needs.

Types of interventions: Development of learning tools; trainings; training of trainers; coaching; monitoring; expert missions; networking, partnership building events; and information dissemination.

The goal of this objective is for CSOs to acquire individual and collective skills, knowledge and attitudes, all of which should enhance their capabilities and competencies to accomplish their missions at the regional, national and local levels in areas such as: policy analysis, technical analysis, financial resource management, etc., in order to earn legitimacy or to adapt, create meaning or identity.

TACSO activities under this objective are twofold: core OCB activities and support services.
For core OCB, TACSO utilises a combination of standard training, training of trainers, mentorship, coaching, and the development of learning tools to support OCB.

TACSO services, regarded as support services, contribute to increasing awareness, creating new perspectives and opening new windows of opportunity in relation to EU Accession, notably with the EU acquis, democratisation issues, concrete funding and programming opportunities, as well as changes in the legal and strategic framework that concern CSOs. Support services also entail motivating and inspiring CSOs, exchanging experiences and seeking new ‘sector mates’ with the aim to network and develop partnerships.

With its support services, TACSO also aims to provide CSOs with timely, needed information and instructions thus helping CSOs to overcome immediate dilemmas or give them needed direction in their endeavours. TACSO support services include help desk, organisation of informational events, traditional People to People (P2P) events, research, and analysis.